Men Hair trend 2011

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Slim Layered Cuts

If you have an idea of how this type of hair styles for men looking to see, on the Internet for pictures of celebrities, like Zack Enron and Justin Bibber received. For this style, ask your stylist for hair in a bowl cut, but keep it longer in the back. Cut the front edge rough, with long strands near the left ear. The bushes look elegant finish; the designer will lead a razor through the various sections of the hair.

Faux Hawk

If you have a new haircut cool and edgy, go with a fake Hawk style is not as dramatic as Mohawk, and it is easier to style. One of the cool guys hairstyles, short hair on the sides and back is shorter and his hair cut in the middle is longer and the chosen style and on the sides.

Buzz cuts laterally

if you are looking for a casual style or sport, consider this style in bold. To cut buzz razor used to cut my hair very short, 2-3, add cut and style on both sides of the head to add.

Wavy / curly hair

Stratified wavy hairstyles for men are a great way to curl your hair / cut curly. Cut your hair longer if you curly or wavy hair because wet hair after cutting it will look shorter. So, always cut the hair more than the desired length, if you wavy / curly hair. Get layers in the front edge is cut for relaxation and hair on the back and look at the short side. Then use a hair serum to wet hair and hair messy sloppy for a sexy look.

Crew Cuts

Crew cuts are easy to hold to a different hair styles for teenage boys. The staff cuts hair at the sides and back are shaved, and the top layer is relatively short and has a degree in length. In this way the hair is retained longer on the front of the front row, while the back is shorter.

Modern Mullet

If your hair is very long, which means that under the armpits, and would not be on the length of your hair removal, hold a kind of mat. The mule is a combination of modern styles. For his mullet hairstyle style modern teenagers, cut hair on the sides and top, and hold the hair back again. Hair cut very short side and adds a few pieces. Keep your hair freeze crown and a little longer "with the.

What are the different ideas of hairstyles for young people? If you add these young people want hairstyles, then some hair bands. Make sure the correct description of the hair style in order to achieve the desired look. Also keep a haircut every 6-8 weeks to keep your hair cut.

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