How to Toxic Eliminate

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Did you know that algae have a lot of real well for the body, such as detoxification?

Detoxification is a process of removing toxic substances in the body. Usually the procedure is carried out of the body, such as drinking eight glasses of water consumed per day, fruit, and fiber and do not eat fatty foods or contain different ingredients, like sugar and salt at the moment.

Now, detoxification can take place outside the body and do it with algae Spa
Algae was very good for the skin, often used to hold and hydrate the skin, helps the formation of new skin cells, offset mineral content in the body and eliminates toxins in the body (detoxification) and this may have happened because of the minerals, algae, protein and zinc. Seaweed also contains many vitamins such as A, helps to C, B1, B12, E, PP, K and vitamin D may help your body generate new skin cells and activate the body's metabolism of the skin firmer.

Sea grass is a sea of material that easily merged into the skin and helps the formation of the skin. Not only are algae good for hair health. Have for women who have overweight or obese, the algae can spa can also be used to maintain the weight loss process and the mineral in the body in balance. You do not need a strict diet of lean body more. While serious contraction in your body, but your skin will stay tight.

The process of weight loss with seaweed is very good for maintaining your health.
The spa treatment begins with algae full body massage with olive oil to relax the body and free.
Stretch your body is relaxed and comfortable, after receiving the massage. This is because the flow of blood to the body and the flexibility of the weariness of the body at once lost. After finishing the massage, seaweed mask, the next step to make your body.

After the algae mask is dry, the next your body with the blanket. This function is to toxins from the body through sweat. Lower the heat to feel comfortable temperature. The process is the same blanket, as if in a sauna. The last process in a bath of hot water and go to seed coat Rose filled. These algae require 90 minutes Spa If there are more than 90 minutes to spare, you can use this threat to development, reducing the amount of therapy.

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