Health hair, preventing hair fall

Health hair preventing hair fall
There are many problems that often cause our hair to be damaged or look unhealthy. Hair dandruff and hair loss may be two of the many problems that often disrupt our hair. Hair loss is most disturbing if you do not quickly perform maintenance to cope with hair loss then it is not possible that you will go bald at a young age.

There are many tips to prevent hair loss, ranging from a healthy lifestyle with daily exercise, eating foods that contain lots of vitamin B12, Omega 3 fatty acids, minerals like Iron, Zinc and Copper. and protein to maintain hair growth. We often forget to provide some substance, but actually these substances significant for hair loss.

How to get the hair healthy and shiny black

Hair needs to be pampered with extra care to get the natural nutrients for hair growth. Before treating the hair, first to identify the type of hair we have. You can find out your hair type Know your hair type
Hair condition also influenced by internal factors, namely hormones and heredity, but also caused by external factors, as well as the use of shampoo and sun. In order to have beautiful hair and healthy, enhancements, should be used shampoo and conditioner that fit and suitable for the type of hair and not too much or too little.

Growing out hair tips

Growing out hair tips

Hair is a crown for a woman, by having a healthy and well groomed hair, one can look more beautiful. And certainly with having hair that looks healthy, will give more attraction in a woman. Some tips for your hair care are:

1. Use a professional conditioner that is formulated for specific hair types, identify your hair type. Do not use a conditioner that does not comply with your hair, this will cause your hair will be broken and fall. Use also condisioner of good health for your hair more awake.

Know your hair type

As with skin, each person also has different types of hair. This also resulted in not all types of hair care products suitable for everyone. Some types of hair that might be one of your hair type:

1. Friz
The composition of scales on the hair cuticle is usually not neatly arranged horizontally because the stems are not dull and Frizzy Hair.

Hair treatment for losing your hair

As I wrote in previous articles, i write Vitamin D for hair lose. A healthy lifestyle was also very influential to reduce hair loss. a few tips you can try Hair treatment for losing your hair:

1) Reduce or avoid the use of shampoo with a lot of foam, this is because the shampoo has a foam which contains a high pH value between 7 and 8, while the skin's natural acidity level head adalaj 5.5. This imbalance can interfere with your hair growth.

Hair Extension damage

Hair Extension damage: Threats Due Baldness Hair Extension

Hair extensions is indeed a solution to lengthen your hair quickly, because simply by attaching additional hair on real hair. But one study suggests that the use of hair extensions in a long time can cause damage to the hair turned out to be a threat even baldness.

How to treat Hair Extension

Hair extensions can you come up with long hair, without having to wait too long body hair. In addition, the hair becomes longer and beautiful in a way that instant. However, the hair that is often connected easily damaged because the user often can not treat hair properly.

Hair Extension Care is needed rigor and caution. Connections can be disconnected if pulled too tight or if exposed to products made from hard. For daily care, you should keep the hair line to keep them clean.

There are several things you should consider treatment of hair extensions

1) Use a soft round brush comb to comb your hair.

2) Never dye your hair 'extra' on your own at home. You better ask for professional help to do so.

3) Avoid the use of conditioners or silicone-based wax because it would risk making 'connection' to your hair slip / loose.

4) When shampooing, gently wet your hair, do not let the water fall in a big pressure because it can damage the joints. Also avoid using hot water, because it can damage the hair connection.

5) If you swim, do not forget to use a swimming cap. The content of chlorine and salt in water, can damage the hair connection and your real hair. After swimming, immediately wash your hair to chlorine does not stick too long in the hair.

6) Be careful also of hair accessories. Use tongs or rubber interested and sometimes making hair glue to make the connection is not tight.

With proper care and good hair extensions that you do will be more durable, and long beautiful hair and looks healthy too, and you will get.

Hair extensions for beautiful hari

There are many ways to beautify the appearance of hair, either naturally or by instant. maybe you've seen someone who has short hair, suddenly you see them pick the beautiful long hair. product or what methods they use?

Hair extensions or hair grafting is an easy way to resize your hair, from the beginning you have short hair with a short time you will have beautiful long hair. However, the hair that is often connected easily damaged because the user often can not treat hair properly.

Vitamin D for hair lose

If you are a woman suffering from hair loss, I think you feel the same as what I felt, feeling anxious because every day a few strands of your hair fall out every day. You've tried various ways to reduce hair loss, but you do not get maximum results.

What really makes your hair fall out each day? Perhaps you are experiencing shortage of vitamins. vitamin deficiency can cause hair loss in your hair. But the good news for you, when you come back to meet your vitamin nutrition, your hair growth will return to normal. One of the vitamins that influence the fertility of hair is Vitamin D. Maybe you just know Vitamin D for hair lose proteck. Do you know what food you should consume to meet your nutritional needs?

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is naturally in only available on very few types of food. Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) found in some plants and fungi. Several types of fatty fish, like cod, tuna and salmon, contain vitamin D2 because they eat algae that process vitamin D with sunlight.

Besides useful to maintain the fertility of hair, vitamin D can use for skin health. So, fill your nutritional vitamin D to maintain fertility and health of your hair,