Guide to healthy hair

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Guide to healthy hair
Not only may our souls, hair (women) feel depressed because of external and internal factors. Attacks from outside as the weather is hair care for women is not suitable, sunlight and pollution and the internal imbalance, hormonal and physical or mental fatigue, and nutritional deficiencies lead to emergence of various scalp problems.

A survey indicates that over one third of the population of Indonesia is a problem of the scalp, which can cause serious problems such as hair loss, hair loss and cause an inflammation of the scalp. See the beauty and hair salon women salon

is given that the scalp is a cornerstone of every strand of hair (hair) a possible treatment. Therefore, a balanced and comprehensive care is necessary to preserve the beauty and health of hair from the crown of beauty.

Manufacturer structuring and hair care (beauty of the woman) of France, L'Oreal has introduced a new range of products to solve common problems, called the scalp Care Expert.

This product line includes products for skin care (beauty of women) sensor head, scalp dandruff and oily scalp. In addition to shampoo, scalp series also includes experts in the care of the massage cream, detoxifying and relaxing scalp expert scalp experts, whose task is to provide a feeling of relaxation on the scalp.

For those of you who do not have time to make Salon (Hair Salon) in this latest round of treatments, you can, even at home, because these products in stores and L'Oreal Salon Show will be displayed (Hairdresser).

In addition to routine maintenance, you must consider the importance of care from the inside, which is to increase consumption of foods rich in protein and vitamin B.

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