Home remedies for hair loss

Posted on 2:37 PM by Aguestri Meazza

Simple trick to keep your health hair and tips to hair fall solution

1. Apply the white of a raw egg on the hair for 30 minutes and then wash with a shampoo. A mixture of lemon juice and protein could also help to create stronger roots.

2. Massage the head with oil for 15-20 minutes and then wipe with a shampoo. A massage with hot oil with olive oil is to support him.

3. Application of a combination of lemon juice and Alma juice on the scalp. This also helps to keep dandruff in the hair

4. Boil need leaves in water for one hour and let cool. Wash your hair with this water. Alternatively, the need oil mixed with coconut oil and massaged where there is hair loss

5. The juice of fresh coriander can reduce hair loss on the scalp can be massaged.

6. Take care, nutritious food with lots of leafy greens. Would you drink soy milk and multivitamin tablets if you do not have time for a good breakfast?

7. Respect conditioners for the hair on the scalp or hair roots. The air can damage your hair.

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