Know your hair type

Posted on 3:31 PM by Aguestri Meazza

As with skin, each person also has different types of hair. This also resulted in not all types of hair care products suitable for everyone. Some types of hair that might be one of your hair type:

1. Friz
The composition of scales on the hair cuticle is usually not neatly arranged horizontally because the stems are not dull and Frizzy Hair.

2. Crimps

This type of hair called afro hair. The character of this hair is dry and rough, because that's the kind of hair ni tend easily broken and damaged.

3. Straight Hair
This type of hair shaft is straight. That's why if the hair in healthy condition and prime, the hair on the hair cuticle scales will be neatly arranged horizontally, making the hair look smooth and shiny.

4. Coarse hair
Textured hair like this usually will look dry and kusur, especially after washing your hair.

5. Fine hair
This type of hair usually looks volume, limp, limp, after each washing.

Which type of your hair? Discover how to care for every type of hair in my next article, or you can read Know your skin type for get health skin

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Anonymous Says....

well, I don't know, including which types of hair. :)
maybe Straight Hair :D

Marinella Says....

I have a straight hair, and I love it.
Though sometimes I prefer curling the bottom part.

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