How to get the hair healthy and shiny black

Posted on 9:27 PM by Aguestri Meazza

Hair needs to be pampered with extra care to get the natural nutrients for hair growth. Before treating the hair, first to identify the type of hair we have. You can find out your hair type Know your hair type
Hair condition also influenced by internal factors, namely hormones and heredity, but also caused by external factors, as well as the use of shampoo and sun. In order to have beautiful hair and healthy, enhancements, should be used shampoo and conditioner that fit and suitable for the type of hair and not too much or too little. For further treatment, may use hair oil, serves to soften and nourish hair so the hair can grow well. In addition, hair oils also to avoid the hair from the direct rays mnatahari ma

Use cacap preferably at night, before bed, and left in place until morning, and then washed. If no time, to hushed one or two hours. Get a bushy black hair and sparkling

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