Hair treatment for losing your hair

Posted on 4:24 AM by Aguestri Meazza

As I wrote in previous articles, i write Vitamin D for hair lose. A healthy lifestyle was also very influential to reduce hair loss. a few tips you can try Hair treatment for losing your hair:

1) Reduce or avoid the use of shampoo with a lot of foam, this is because the shampoo has a foam which contains a high pH value between 7 and 8, while the skin's natural acidity level head adalaj 5.5. This imbalance can interfere with your hair growth.2) Use hair conditioner to fight the nature of the alkalis. In addition, the acidic nature of the hair cuticle conditioner will close to normal. Conditioner also provides oil to the hair and make it more radiant.

3) Massaging the scalp function to help facilitate the circulation of blood. The blood will go to the capillaries to deliver food for the roots of hair. Bow your head when to shampoo while massaging the scalp. In addition to separately maintain the fertility of your hair, this way can also help your brain gets more oxygen is better for you much easier to concentrate.

4) In addition to vitamin D, you should also take Vitamin B5 and B6 which serves to regulate the production of sebum, oil that lubricate the hair follicles to produce healthy hair shaft.

5) Reduce the consumption of coffee and soda, because it can eliminate the backup of vitamin B5 and B6. Nuts and wholegrain rich in zinc are also absolutely consumed to cope with hair loss.

6) If you are a hobby bergonta hair style, you should reduce the use of chemicals in your hair, because this can cause stress and interfere with your hair your hair growth.

7) Avoid a strict diet or an unbalanced diet, lack of protein intake will affect your hair growth.

8) Avoid stress with a healthy lifestyle, and probably already know the negative impact stress can disrupt not only your hair growth, but also can disrupt your body's health.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with natural ways to improve your health, and will make you always look fresh.

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