Hair Extension damage

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Hair Extension damage: Threats Due Baldness Hair Extension

Hair extensions is indeed a solution to lengthen your hair quickly, because simply by attaching additional hair on real hair. But one study suggests that the use of hair extensions in a long time can cause damage to the hair turned out to be a threat even baldness.
Marilyn Sherlock, chairman of the Institute of Trichologists say that using hair extensions in a long time can provide great pressure to the hair roots that can cause the problem of baldness.

The condition of baldness due to hair extensions are most often occurs in the hair located just above or beside the forehead, usually because the hair in these areas are generally weaker and hair extensions attached to the original hair.

Hair extensions do have a worse effect compared with other treatments such as Rebonding or curling hair. This is because the hair extensions involve binding with natural hair, giving more pressure or pull the roots of their natural hair. In addition, the adhesive glue used can sometimes cause reactions with the scalp if the distance is too close.

If you already have signs of baldness, then immediately remove the hair extensions as quickly as possible and provide treatment to grow hair back..

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