How to treat Hair Extension

Posted on 2:15 AM by Aguestri Meazza

Hair extensions can you come up with long hair, without having to wait too long body hair. In addition, the hair becomes longer and beautiful in a way that instant. However, the hair that is often connected easily damaged because the user often can not treat hair properly.

Hair Extension Care is needed rigor and caution. Connections can be disconnected if pulled too tight or if exposed to products made from hard. For daily care, you should keep the hair line to keep them clean.

There are several things you should consider treatment of hair extensions

1) Use a soft round brush comb to comb your hair.

2) Never dye your hair 'extra' on your own at home. You better ask for professional help to do so.

3) Avoid the use of conditioners or silicone-based wax because it would risk making 'connection' to your hair slip / loose.

4) When shampooing, gently wet your hair, do not let the water fall in a big pressure because it can damage the joints. Also avoid using hot water, because it can damage the hair connection.

5) If you swim, do not forget to use a swimming cap. The content of chlorine and salt in water, can damage the hair connection and your real hair. After swimming, immediately wash your hair to chlorine does not stick too long in the hair.

6) Be careful also of hair accessories. Use tongs or rubber interested and sometimes making hair glue to make the connection is not tight.

With proper care and good hair extensions that you do will be more durable, and long beautiful hair and looks healthy too, and you will get.

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