Tips and trick hair care for prevent loss hair

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prevent loss hair
Hair is an important part of our body, which requires proper care and love. Describe a beautiful and healthy hair healthy body and mind. Hair is also one of the most important aspect of beauty in men and women.

Change the modern lifestyle has much to contribute to hair problems. But thanks to medical science and technology hair loss solution for almost every problem. Our hair grows in a cyclic pattern, with three important phases - growth, rest and fall out.

Normal hair loss in a single day can range from 50 to 100 hairs, which normally and naturally replaced. When the count reaches an abnormal level, then it becomes a problem. Baldness occurs when 25% of the hair has been lost and new hair does not grow back.

One very popular myth about hair is that hair loss causes of excessive washing or dry hair, there is no truth in this, and the frequency of hair washing is not harmful. It also said that the shampoo is more meaningful clean fur,

Healthy and balanced diet will provide all the vitamins and minerals essential for healthy hair growth and loss of natural hair. For other hair problem there is a new generation range of hair care products. They have no side effects and is made from natural ingredients. New Generation's hair care formulas are very healthy and is not toxic to use.

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