Good and bad fats for skin care

Posted on 7:33 AM by Aguestri Meazza

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Fat has a bad name and we are told to avoid fats in our daily food. However, some fats are very important for our general well-being, including healthy, bright skin.

Beneficial fats "good" fat nutrition support healthy skin cells and collagen production and maintain healthy blood flow to the skin. Fat helps absorb nutrients such as vitamins A and E, which maintains skin integrity and fluidity. l

Saturated fats are found in animal products like butter, cheese, milk and meat. High levels of saturated fat will contribute to inflammation that can contribute to worsening of inflammatory skin conditions such as those listed above. With saturated fat is the quantity that counts here and less than 10% of daily intake is considered acceptable.

Trans fats are created when vegetable oil is changed from liquid (such as those found naturally) to a solid. This is where we come to the category of "ugly". Trans fats have been linked to high cholesterol and heart disease. Trans fats also promote inflammation and will aggravate skin conditions. They are found in margarine, fried foods and processed foods.

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