Hair care with natural product

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Hair care with natural product
Natural hair care products natural organic material without using harsh chemicals or compounds. Using organic products in any way that might bring you one step closer to making a difference in the impact we make on the environment. Organic or natural hair shampoo to clean fully, sooth and heal the scalp with the use of organic herbs and pure essential oils without stripping the hair or dry hair follicle.

Some are certified as natural ingredients used in organic products which you can use in hair care:

Chamomile - good for helping to lighten blonde hair as well as to clean and maintain a healthy scalp.

Lemon Balm - rejuvenate the hair and adds a great fresh smell.

Nettle - to prevent and cure dry scalp and dandruff, reversing hair loss, stimulates the scalp, reducing excess oil and add moisture and hair health.

Rosemary - works on oily and lifeless hair.

Sage - stimulates blood circulation and cleanse hair and scalp.

Lavender - add a beautiful smell on hair products, good for all hair types and is often used in beauty products.

Aloe Vera - add moisture to the hair and promote hair growth.

Yarrow Flower - working with the substances to repair and soothe the hair.

Henna - adds body and mentally for the hair, adding hair life and prevent hair loss.

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