Long hair tips

Posted on 5:20 PM by Aguestri Meazza

Like as curly hair, long hair must also take extra care for long hair is broken and branching. To maintain healthy hair to keep it we can not do in a way that instant like going kesalon for hair care, or by using hair care kometika sold in the market.

The following are some tips to keep the long hair you can do every day.

1. When you wake up, and wanted to straighten hair. We recommend that you do so by using your fingers do not directly use the comb it is useful to reduce hair loss.

2. Long hair is not enough given the conditioner. Perform maintenance once a week to provide softness and luster to the hair. Use conditioner only on the hair shaft and ends, because in part it's usually a long rmabut nutritional deficiencies

3. Do not often to use a hair dryer because the heat from a hair dryer can damage your hair. If you want to use you should use a hair dryer at a temperature not too hot.

4. Do not be too frequent use of hair rollers, or tie it to reduce broken hair shaft.

5. When you swim you should use hair care products to prevent damage caused by chlorine from pool water.

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