Healthy Hair Secrets, to long hair

Posted on 8:47 PM by Aguestri Meazza

Healthy Hair Secrets, to long hair
Having long hair is thick and healthy is the dream of a woman, but did you know that long hair is more difficult? But if you routinely perform such maintenance, would you have long hair. some tips to maintain the beauty of your long hair is:

1. Hair cut regularly, will get rid of damaged hair and chapped. Routine is to cut your hair once every two months or if you notice your hair start branching.

2. Do not comb your hair often, this is because if you were combing your hair too often can damage and break your hair, you should use your fingers to straighten hair.

3. Reduce the use of hair styling products, so your hair looks naturally healthy, it is also to reduce damage resulting from use of your hair hairspray

4. To maintain the fertility of your hair, you should regularly use vitamins for hair before bed, you stay healthy hair, apply hair vitamins at the ends of hair before sleep. So when you sleep, the hair will absorb the nutrients from vitamin.

5. Do it a habit to use a regular conditioner after every shampoo with a good quality shampoo. tips for you, your hair should be washed from the rear (as is commonly done in the salon), or rinsed by using the shower to prevent tangling.

With diligent care, you will get maximum results. too long and healthy hair you have. or if you want to have long hair quickly you can use a method of hair extensions

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Marinella Says....

I have a long hair. And they say my hair is still healthy. (^_^) Love this article. It's interesting.

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