How to look feminine

Posted on 3:35 PM by Aguestri Meazza

hair long care
It has a long and healthy hair is every woman's desire, premises have long hair we can vary the hair style according to what we want. Maybe if you now have short hair, you can use hair extensions to lengthen your hair instantly.

Besides looking pretty, a woman with long hair will be more feminine. But having long hair also had to do extra care not to be seen branching section of hair ends due to nutritional deficiencies. If you are someone who is following the trend, you should consult a hair expert so you get a style that fit with your long hair.

Long hair style looks great on almost anyone with a thickness of hair, but looks best on medium to coarse texture hair. If your hair is very thin, long hair styles can weigh down hair and light, making the hair look so flat and lifeless.

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