Keep Your Black hair Highlight

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Keep Your Black hair Highlight
Hair color trends change quickly at any time, possibly as early red hair color trends to be excellent women. It could be a month or two months later these trends change with the change model celebrity hair style which can become a fashion reference. But even though their hair color trends remain unchanged, but the natural color of black hair remains a favorite of many people.

Be thankful for those of you who have black hair shine, and I'm sure you do not want your beautiful hair to be damaged by incorrect perawartan. Here are some tips you can try to maintain the health of your black hair, so always shiny and healthy.

1) Avoid sun attackAvoid expose oneself to the sun-panasan directly under the hot sun, you can use hair serum to keep your hair from sun sianr. Or you can use are like hats or head coverings scaft. Or for a Muslim to wear Hijab.

2) Do not often tiedDo not tie your hair, as this can be fatal to your hair. If you tie your hair frequently, it can cause your hair brittle and easily damaged.

3) Shampoo & conditionerUse shampoo and conditioner for black hair, usually because this product contains a special formula containing vitamins and dark pigment.

4) Go to a salonEvery now and then do hair mask at the salon or hair spa, hair care and treat you.

Keep your hair health and get black hair highlights

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