Dry Black hair

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Dyeing hair is always a tricky process for the inexperienced, particularly if you are taking on the task alone. Choosing the brand of dye is an important first step. Permanent and semi-permanent dyes, however, require a lot more time and care to apply. Wash and/or dry your hair as per the package instructions before you begin, and do a "swatch test" (also per package instructions) if this is your first time dyeing with the brand or if you have product allergies. 

Pin a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothing from dye spatters and wear plastic gloves to protect your hands. Avoid rubber gloves, as they will snag on your hair. Part your hair down the middle. Dip the brush into the dye and, starting with the left side of your head, section off clumps of hair and apply the dye. Don't stop the dyeing process to clean off skin--it will happen continuously and is easy enough to remove once the dye process is complete. Continue until all visible hair on the left side of your head is coated in the dye. Once your whole head of hair has been coated, set a timer according to the package directions, and begin the process of cleaning dye spatters from your face, neck, and ears. Keep long hair away from your skin using a large clip. 

Once the dye has set, it is time to rinse. Be careful of shower curtains that could become accidentally speckled with dye. Following the package instructions, run warm water through your hair and shampoo accordingly, and remove your gloves once the water runs clear again. 

To achieve a lighter brown you must consider the underlying pigment that you are lifting when using bleach. The tone you see is the highlight.

The level you wish to go has a natural pigment of orange. That is any shade of brown to medium blonde. Now, if you don't mind warmth and want a golden or caramel tone this isn't a problem.

I absolutely love Clairol BW2 of Basic White bleach. Now shampoo out the product well and towel dry very well. Mix the target color for the highlights with a lower volume of peroxide of you are using something permanent so as not to affect your natural hair color. time that per manufacturer's instructions as well.

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