Braxton Family Makeup use

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Well, first let me say, that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Toni Braxton. She has always been one of my favorite “SANGERS”, as Cee Lo Green would put it. I was in elementary school when her self titled debut album came out. I remember my sister and I had our little performance to “Another Sad Love Song”. Her soulful voice and the emotions that she gives off in each song always seems authentic and relatable (Remember when she broke it down in the “Seven Whole Days” video with the finger pointing, head shaking, hand on the hip sass).

Ok, enough with beating around the bush…so I watched all three episodes and I honestly have to say, although the show is very amusing, I was a little disappointed with the ladies hair and makeup. I really expected better from a glamour girl like Toni, and especially from a diva like Tamar. I’m not really going to go there with the bad wigs and weaves, although, I will say, they could learn a thing or two from Mama Braxton.

So, let’s do a makeup play by play like they do in football, shall we? The main culprits are Tamar and Toni.

It looks like someone slapped blush all over her cheek…so 80′s, don’t you think?  This seems to be a trend amongst all the sisters.

Braxton Family Makeup use

In some of the clips, Tamar actually reminds me of Latoya Jackson.  I’m not sure why her blush was applied from her cheek to the side of her nose, but, again it’s too much blush and it should be kept in the zone — on the apples of the cheek.

Braxton Family Makeup use
It looks like her foundation maybe too light for her and they didn’t do a good job with blending the highlighter and blush…it looks completely isolated.

I left out another pic of Tamar in the original post

She’s just overdoing it with the eyes…it looks a little draggish to me.

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